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RIKEN MSn spectral database for phytochemicals (ReSpect) is a collection of literature and in-house MSn spectra data
for research on plant metabolomics.Now, a total of 9017 spectra records are available.
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 5 spectra was added (data update) ► Change Log
'RIKEN tandem mass spectral database (ReSpect) for phytochemicals: A plant-specific MS/MS-based data resource and database' (Phytochemistry[Link])
A consistent test and its totaling.
Spectra similarity search service employing cosine product method.
Searching ReSpect data using keywords. All text data in record files are searchable by query with regular expression.
Index of ReSpect data.
Please use all ReSpect data for your research.
1. Statistics of records of ReSpect (September 2011)
2. Evaluation of records in spectrum search with ReSpect
We recommend that all ReSpect users cite original literatures. ReSpect thanks all data producers.
Member of project, acknowledgements & system requirements.

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