Dr. Yuji Sawada
Research Scientist (Metabolic Systems Research Team, RIKEN CSRS)
Data processing and data management.
Dr. Ryo Nakabayashi
Postdoctral Researcher (Metabolomics Research Group, RIKEN CSRS)
Sample preparation, data acquisition and data processing.
Yutaka Yamada
Technical assistant (Integrated Genome Informatics Research Unit, RIKEN CSRS)
System Development and data management.
Tetsuya Sakurai
Unit leader of Integrated Genome Informatics Research Unit (RIKEN CSRS)
Technical Supervisor.
Dr. Masami Y. Hirai
Team Leader of Metabolic Systems Research Team (RIKEN CSRS)
Project Supervisor.
Prof. Dr. Kazuki Saito
Group Director of Metabolomics Research Group (RIKEN CSRS)
Project Supervisor.
Heteroatom-containing Ion Finder is a part of PRIMe (Platform for RIKEN Metabolomics).
We are members of the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS).


We would like to thank Japan Advanced Plant Science Research Network.
This work was supported by national founding in Japan (JSPS, JST, MEXT, Japan Advanced Plant Science Network) and international collaborative funding (SICP: Japan and New Zealand; SICORP: Japan and US)

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