RIKEN HIFI Offline Web Applications (ver.1.21)
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Data processing of LC-FTICR-MS is not suitable for web application. Thus, we established offline web applications for client PC (See system requirements), which has functions of RIKEN HIFI online systems: data process and visualizations. This offline application is useful for secure searching of your unpublished data.

System requirements

Browser Support  : Google Chrome 26+, Firefox 20+
CPU  : Intel Core 2 Duo 1.5GHz+
System Memory (RAM)  : 2.5GB+
Hard Disk  : 500MB+ free space
Screen  : 1440×900,"32-bit True Color"
Raw data  : LC-FTICR-MS (LC: 1200 series, Agilent; FTICR-MS: solariX 7.0 T, Bruker Daltonics) was used for the data acquisition.
32bit system can use for approx. 1.5×106 data points.
64bit system can use for more than 1.5×106 data points.

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