All data were acquired by FTICR-MS (solariX 7.0 T, Bruker Daltonics) combined with LC (1200 series, Agilent).(Nakabayashi et al.(Analytical Chemistry 2013)
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RIKEN Heteroatom-containing Ion Finder (RIKEN HIFI) is a tool for Liquid Chromatography-Fourier transfer ion cyclotron resonance-mass spectrometry (LC-FTICR-MS). RIKEN HIFI search and visualization functions allow us to predict heteroatom-containing ion. We established online and offline web applications for RIKEN HIFI.
Browser Support : Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox 17+, Google Chrome 20+, and Opera 12+
Latest News : 2017.03.31 - We opened to public RIKEN HIFI systems.

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