PRIMeLink is a new web application that allows access to the innovative data resources of PRIMe. To achieve functional genomics and annotation of unknown metabolites, we established the following PRIMe contents:MS2T, a library comprising over 1 million entries of un-targeted MS/MS data of plant metabolites; AtMetExpress, a database of transcriptomics and metabolomics approaches in Arabidopsis developmental stages; and ReSpect, hybrid reference MS/MS data resources (acquisitions and literature). PRIMeLink integrates the 3 above databases and provides a bi-directional searchable function from the gene or metabolite perspective.

Publication : Sakurai et al. (2013) PRIMe Update: Innovative Content for Plant Metabolomics and Integration of Gene Expression and Metabolite Accumulation. Plant Cell Physiol. 54:e5 [PubMed][Link]

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